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Plateau de fruits de mer Café de la plage - Restaurant Chez Pierre à Arcachon


For oysters, we trust Maison Bidart, which produces the delicious Arcachon 3B oysters, in the city of La Teste de Buch. For several years, the company’s know-how has been recognized by medals at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

The Gillardeau House and the Boutrais family and their famous Ostra Regal oysters are our two other producers. The Gillardeau oyster, a true jewel of the French gastronomic heritage, has been cultivating excellence for 4 generations. During their breeding, Gillardeau oysters receive all the necessary care to help them develop to their ideal maturity.
The different manipulations carried out allow us to obtain an oyster of constant quality, with generous flesh and a unique taste.
All these characteristics make Gillardeau oysters an institution, recognized all over the world.

The Ostra Regal oyster is a super special oyster with a remarkable flesh content of up to 18% of the shell.

It is produced in the oyster farming areas of Brittany and Ireland.

The special Ostra Regal is born in France and grows in Ireland in « conches », natural bays enclosed in the land with only a very small mouth that connects it to the sea, as well as a large influx of fresh water, which will allow the creation of nutrients necessary for the proper development of oysters.

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Plateau de fruits de mer Café de la plage - Restaurant Chez Pierre à Arcachon


Café de la Plage - Restaurant Chez Pierre à Arcachon



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